Providing businesses with a competitive edge.

Here at LDM, we have a team of specialists who have a passion for direct marketing solutions.

With years of experience within the marketing industry our seasoned marketing professionals can provide you with a personalised marketing solution for your business or clientele.

Starting out as a small family run business based in Manchester, we have expanded and grew tremendously year on year. The passion for business success has always been at our core and we now provide marketing solutions throughout the UK.

What we do best

With a passion for attention to detail and personalisation, our team have your interests at the forefront of every single campaign. We pride ourselves on providing a customer experience which is unique and tailored to you and your company.

As direct marketing specialists, we provide our clients with unique print services, direct marketing and postal solutions. We’ll help you to spark that initial conversation with your new and existing customers in the most creative and personable ways. Let our team do the thinking as it’s what we do best.

We are different

Here at LDM, not only do we have the exceptional rates with the Royal Mail, but we have our very own network of distribution teams as well. We pride ourselves on having the ability to conduct each and every campaign tailored to your very own business needs.

Our campaigns are more personalised than ever before. We provide our clients with specific dates, shorter lead times, live GPS reporting and even better pricing than ever before.

We’re also leading the way as the highest rated door drop specialists within the UK.

How to get started with LDM?

Simply give us a call on 020 3092 4773 and our dedicated account management team will handle the rest.